Risk Disclosure

This disclosure contains information about the risks associated with the services provided by Totalcoin Limited (TC). TC services include operations with cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency markets are decentralized and unregulated; therefore, the services we provide related to cryptocurrency trading are unregulated services that are not subject to the provisions of the relevant European legislation (including the provisions of the EU Financial Instrument Markets Directive (MiFID)). Therefore, for TC clients rules to regulated investment services will not be applicable, including they will not be able to claim material compensation provided by the Compensation Fund for clients, and they will not be able to seek the help of the Financial Market Ombudsman Service to resolve possible disputes. In relation to TC clients, the rules for executing transactions on the best conditions and ensuring the safety of client assets apply.

All of these products carry a high risk of capital loss and may not be suitable for investors. We hereby inform you of the risks associated with the use of these products. At the same time, all possible circumstances of each investor and the specific risks associated with them cannot be taken into account. We recommend that you seek the help of a professional consultant for your investment decision. When concluding transactions with TC, you should be fully aware of the possible risks and evaluate your financial capabilities in case of such risks, as well as understand the need for constant tracking of positions. Trading operations are associated with a high risk of loss of capital. You should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose, but under no circumstances can you lose an amount in excess of your total balance.


TC is an automated trading platform, and we adhere to the principles of the execution of client orders on the best conditions. Nevertheless, in the period between the placement of the order and the moment of execution, the market price may change, therefore, we cannot guarantee that the execution price will correspond to the displayed price at the time of the order transfer, i.e. the real execution price can be both more or less profitable for you. In addition, there are risks associated with the use of online transaction and bidding systems, including, but not limited to, malfunctions in hardware and software and disruption to the Internet connection.


  • Cryptocurrency market conditions depend only on demand and supply. Cryptocurrency markets are a dynamically developing field. Prices in these markets are extremely volatile and difficult to predict. Cryptocurrency prices, as a rule, are not transparent, are highly speculative in nature and are subject to manipulation by market participants. In the worst case scenario, your assets can completely depreciate.
  • It is important to distinguish between the estimated prices displayed on the charts and the execution prices broadcasted on our trading platform. Indicative quotes indicate the current state of the market. The decentralized nature of cryptocurrency markets means the absence of a single central exchange for transactions, so each market maker can set prices independently, which will vary slightly. Thus, all prices displayed on the charts provided by us or by third parties are only indicative prices, which may not coincide with the actual transaction prices.
  • Cryptocurrency trading can be used for criminal purposes, which is facilitated by the anonymity of transactions. Investigations by law enforcement agencies regarding illegal actions can negatively impact investors.
  • Cryptocurrency should always be considered as a highly risk instrument and you should never invest funds you cannot afford to loose. Given the above, cryptocurrencies may not be suitable for all investors. You should not trade cryptocurrencies if you do not have the necessary knowledge and do not understand the features of the TC platform and the level of risk assumed. In addition, you must be sure that the services offered meet your individual circumstances and financial situation. Using our services cannot be considered as a safe investment and is rather an investment that is characterized by a high level of inherent risk. In addition, our own spread is included in online quotes, which increases the volatility of trading on our online platforms.
  • The risk of loss that may arise in the course of cryptocurrency trading can be significant. In this regard, you need to carefully evaluate the appropriateness for you of this type of trade, taking into account your situation and financial condition. You must understand that there is a possibility of a complete loss of all funds in your account.
  • Blockchain risks. Blockchain is an independent, public peer-to-peer network that is not dependent on TC, therefore TC cannot be held responsible for any failure, error, malfunction and (or) violation that occurred on the blockchain or any other networks in which cryptocurrency issuance and (or) trading. You are subject to all changes and (or) amendments made to the blockchain system, as well as all provisions of the applicable legislation in the field of blockchain. We do not make any representations or give any express or implied warranties, either provided for by law or otherwise, regarding the functioning of the blockchain, as well as the violation of the security of the blockchain.
  • The work of cryptocurrency protocols. TC does not own the basic software protocols that control the functioning of cryptocurrencies traded on our platform and does not control their work. As a rule, basic protocols are open; anyone can use, copy, modify and distribute them. TC is not responsible for the operation of basic protocols and does not guarantee their operation, security and availability. Unforeseen changes (the so-called fork) can be made to the rules of the basic protocols, which can significantly affect the cost, functioning and / or name of the cryptocurrency that is stored by TC in your interests. In the event of a fork, TC may temporarily suspend its operation (with or without notice) and may (a) make or change the configuration of its systems or (b) decide to completely refuse support (or terminate support) of the protocol implemented as a result forks. TC may (but is not required to) adjust your account in connection with a fork, depending on the circumstances of each event affecting a particular cryptocurrency in your account.
  • Risks associated with third parties. TC may cooperate with Third Parties in order to execute orders and (or) store fiat currencies and Cryptocurrencies. Such Third Parties are not banking institutions that hold fiat / virtual currencies on deposits. In case of loss of funds by the Third Party, its bankruptcy or liquidation, the law does not provide for any special remedies to compensate you for the loss of funds held by Third Parties, even if such Third Parties are properly registered by state authorities. Depending on the structure and level of security, some digital wallets are vulnerable to hacking, as a result of which virtual currency can be stolen or customer assets may be lost. TC is not responsible for losses incurred through the fault of a Third Party.
  • Delisting and / or unsupported cryptocurrencies. If at some point a cryptocurrency is delisted from the TC Plattform, you will than have the option within a certain period to transfer the existing funds to an external wallet. Otherwise, we will exchange the existing funds for you after the deadline expires in a way TC finds best.

Risks associated with automated trading and the Internet

While working on our site and (or) using applications, system errors may occur. You must be aware of the risks associated with the failure of the system, which may lead to non-execution or delayed execution of your order.

You understand the risks associated with the use of a trading system based on Internet technologies, including, but not limited to, the risks of hardware and software failure and Internet connection failure; risk of introducing malicious code; the risk of unauthorized access by third parties to information and (or) assets (including cryptocurrencies owned by you and stored on your behalf); the risk of a cyber attack, a failure in the blockchain network, the appearance of computer viruses, disruptions in communication systems, crashes, errors, distortions and delays of any nature that may occur during trading using our services; risks associated with spyware, fake antiviruses, trojans, network worms and other malicious programs that can affect your computer, as well as phishing and spoofing attacks, etc. You should also be aware that SMS services and e-mails are vulnerable to phishing and spoofing attacks, and be careful when receiving messages that, at first glance, are sent to you on behalf of TC.

Commissions and Fees

Information on fees charged is subject to change therefore current information is available online under totalcoin.io/fees. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with all applicable fees and commissions, as they may affect the profitability of your transactions.


Any opinions, news reports, research data, price information, analytical and other information published on our website are of a general analytical nature and cannot be considered as an investment recommendation. Under no circumstances will TC be liable for losses incurred as a result of investments made on the basis of any recommendation, forecast or information provided.

Historical indicators

Historical indicators are not a guarantee of future results. The value of your investment can change in any direction.

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